Lighting has become an ever-important element in modern living, as people spend prolonged hours in the indoor environment and rely on artificial illumination to extend our activities into the night. A sensitive and studied approach is needed to provide illumination that can enhance the spaces and reveal the true spirit of the physical environment while meeting the physiological and psychological needs of clients and end users.

Founded in 2006 by Peiheng Tsai, PHT lighting Design is dedicated to create a seamless integration of the lighting into the architecture, by using light to reveal materials, establishing orientation and creating spatial sequence and hierarchy. We find opportunities in resolving complex design challenges to offer inventive solutions in illuminating public and private spaces.

Our team strives to maintain a dynamic practice, keeping abreast of new technological advances to create innovative, productive, and comfortable environments that can have an emotional impact within a sustainable footprint.


A transplant from Taipei, Peiheng Tsai resettled in New York City to pursue her graduate studies at Columbia University earning a Master of Architectural Design degree. Drawing on her background Peiheng focuses on bringing her unique insight and cross cultural understanding into creating enhanced design value for her clients.

With her architectural training as a solid foundation Peiheng brings a granular understanding to the design process enabling a seamless workflow with the entire design team. She believes good design is achieved through clear communication and the collaborative process.

What sets PHT Lighting apart is a distinct blending of artistry, creativity and practical resourcefulness that comes together elevating each project collectively.


As a certified Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise based in New York City, PHT Lighting offers a full scope of services from Concept Design through the Construction phase. Our diverse portfolio includes institutional, commercial, retail, residential and hospitality spaces as well as exterior and landscape lighting.

Our team work closely with architects, designers, and individual owners to create unique and customized solutions that suit each project’s specific criteria. We encourage our clients to engage our consultancy early in the design process in order to maximize the benefit from an integrated approach to lighting and the architecture.


  • Interior and exterior architectural lighting design
  • Light level calculations and renderings
  • Lighting mock-ups and visualizations of lighting effect
  • Lighting fixture specifications and technical documents
  • Lighting layouts in AutoCAD and Revit
  • Custom fixture design: Collaborate with design professionals and clients to design and manage the fabrication of lighting fixture
  • LED integration: Work as a consultant to assist the selection of LED products for optimum energy efficiency and illumination quality
  • Collaboration with an extensive network of lighting manufacturers, distributors and procurement agencies for a coordinated team approach
  • LEED certification and energy code compliance
  • On-Site services: lighting fixtures focusing, lighting control system start up and fine tuning at the end of the construction