Hyatt Herald Square

New York City, NY, USA

Completed: 2015

Scope: Hotel Lobby and Amenity Space

Cost: $ 9,500,000

Architect: VLDG, Inc.

Photo: © Peter Kubilus

2016 IES Illumination Award


Located in NYC’s lively Midtown neighborhood, Hyatt Herald Square's stylish and chic lobby took its cue from the Fashion and Media industries which previously dominated the surrounding neighborhood. From the letterpress blocks and layers of color to the texture of fabrics, this hotel generates an evocative dynamic.
A massive elevator core dividing the lobby into front and back is covered by reflective fabrics cloaked behind vertical laminated wood planks with concealed LED strips. Light reflected from the fabric wall gives the impression that the walls are luminous.
LED washed clerestory draws visitors from the front entry filled with abundant daylight into the reception space deeper inside the building’s footprint which is devoid of windows. At night, the clerestory glows softly with incandescent warmth, transforming the reception area into an inviting lounge for cocktails.