Mos Pivo New York Office

New York City, NY, USA

Completed 2008

Scope: 2,100 SF Renovation

Design Architect: DUB Studios

Photo: © Peiheng Tsai, DUB Studios


As a beer and liquor importer, the company’s headquarters utilizes alcohol bottling and packaging as its primary interior decor theme. An oversized glowing wall of liquor bottles welcomes the visitors at the reception area. Concealed lighting within a wall of beer bottles designed with up lighting metaphorically transforms the long dark corridor into a beer production line.

Pockets of light coves nestled between mechanical ducts in the ceiling mimics a skylight effect giving the impression that the space occupies the penthouse level of a Manhattan skyscraper. Low saturated color filters were applied to this light source, creating a soft color quality similar to the hues seen in cocktails.